Enrich the prosperity of children from divided/blended families through advocacy, initiatives, and support for shared and cooperative parenting.

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Shared Parenting

Best outcome for children with separated parents when possible. 

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Children need both parents. A child has a greater feeling of happiness receiving the love and care of both parents. Find out how to stay involved together.

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Legal Resources/DIY

There are many resources at your disposal. Find help and info today.

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Your Child Needs You. Don't Wait.

The negative effects caused by divorce on children (anger, anxiety, shock) are typically resolved by the end of the second year after the divorce, with a minority of children who take longer to adjust. The sooner you can be involved with your child, the better their chance of a healthy emotional recovery.

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It's Not The End. It's A New Beginning.

It's worth recognizing that divorce isn't always harmful to kids and doesn't always lead to negative outcomes. Every case and each youngster is unique, and some may fare better than others. During this critical moment, the most important thing is ensuring they receive the assistance they need.

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Do It For Yourself. Do It For Your Family.

Take action and take control. It's your responsibility to take the next steps in being a part of your child's life. Being there for them, guiding them, and teaching them is the most important task on your list. Be there for your child -- your family.

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