Helpline Counselors

Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Familes provides educational outreach support for parents going through the emotional turmoil of relationship breakdown and their efforts to maintain a strong relationship with their children.

The documented discrimination and financially draining process of family court also causes undue stress on these parents at a time high emotion.

WFCF receives many and varied requests for support via phone and email. Unfortunately there seems to be more people in need of help that we have counselors to help them.

More and more, requests are coming through emails which are being responded to, but counselors are needed for follow-up phone calls to make sure those parents in need understand the positions there in and can take the next step in resolving their situations.

Eventhough most correspondence is by email or phone call, regional counselors are always more helpful when they live in the local area as they are more familiar with the services provided by the local county and businesses.

Most counselors must have "been through it and come out the other side" in order to take a rational perspective and help steer the parent in need in a stable, sensable and sustainable direction.

This is a most important and valuable involvement as well as a most rewarding volunteer position. We welcome and would support/train/guide any one contacting us to volunteer in this position.

I'd like to volunteer as a Helpline counselor.

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

Let your voice be heard:
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laws?  Let your legislator know about it.  They are the ones who can change the
laws that the courts enforce.
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