Freedom of Information Requests

We need a Freedom of Information (FOI) volunteer.

Someone who is willing to find the right places and people to ask the right questions and submit the correct paperwork to get the Wisconsin based answers that we can use in testimony.

An obvious one would be to request from the Child Support Agency, the number of Male payers and the number of Female payers. This would give a ratio that would parallel the placement orders given by the courts (parents who work out their placement schedule without a court order, probably work out their financial schedule without a court order as well).

This requirement is quite a creative one and more often than not, we would not know where to start, but start we need some one to do.

We have had people from the Wisconsin Institute of Research and Poverty from UW-Madison, who do an excellent job of reporting in many of the areas that we are interested in. Contacts can be made to provide a starting point for many of the topics that would interest WFCF to present as facts at testimony.

I'd like to volunteer for FOI research.

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

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