Regional Fathers Nights Out

Father's Nights Out (FNO) are set up in regional areas to enable parents (and their partners) to socialise in a familiar setting.

We understand that relationship breakdowns and the unpredictable family court setting are a very frightening and emotional environment. We often wear our friendships and families out by discussing topics that are awkward and difficult for hjem to deal with. We often find that, unless a person has experienced what you are going through, there is little empathy for your situation.

FNO's are an opportunity for people to relax and discuss/vent/ponder/philosophize about where they are, their relationship with their children and the "not-much-family" in the Family Court process.

They are a chance to let your hair down with no judgements cast or repercussions for the spoken word.

For anyone wishing to start a FNO in their area, find a suitable "watering hole" and let us know of the location, date and time and we will provide you with a list of members in your area to support the night out and contact those members to encouraage participation.

Once established, any parents that query us through the WFCF Helpline (email or phone) will be notified of your FNO so they can participate in them.

The actual structure of the evening varies from place to place, but we can help you with how it works in the existing FNO's

These can be very rewarding nights, not only for the person facilitating the event, but for those who attend "Who once were lost, but now am found". Many of us have come out the otherside with the experience of what works and what doen't work, but there are still far too many going into the process that need our help to maintian an equilibrium and create a direction to enhance their relationship with their children.

I'd like to volunteer to start a Fathers Night Out!

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

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