County and Senate District Coordinators

Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families is a Statewide organization. On one hand that creates difficulties for us all to get together in person easily due to distance, on the other hand, it means our presence is felt in every Senate district and every Assembly district.

WFCF projects include providing documentation and support on a county level as well as legislative education and awareness on Senate district level.

There are 72 counties in Wisconsin and 33 Senate districts (as well as 99 Assembly districts). Many parents who are struggling through the family court process for either placement time with their children or finacial support fr their children due to job loss or change are in need of help.

Often counties provide free Pro Se help by an attorney to explain the family court process and accurately fill in the paperwork to persue this process. Also county child support service provide low cost, if not free services for applying Wisconsin State Law to a parents financial obligations to their children.

Mny parents reach out for our help in dealing with these issue, but unfortunately the coinselors who deal help these peopl in need, do not have all the information about distant counties and the services they offer to accuratly help these people.

A County Coordinator would keep us updated on services and documentation (in some cases provided by WFCF) that are available in their countires so we can keep our information on the WFCF website updated and accurate.

Educating legislators is also a role that WFCF plays. As bills are introduced into the legislature that reform family law, they pass through various committees and stages. In order to move these fair, respectful and equitable bills supported by WFCF through the legislature, constituents need to "move the issue towards the center of the radar screen" of the Senators and Assembly persons who committee these bills sit in.

It only takes 6 constituents of that Senator or Assembly person to get their attention and focus their radar screen. That would be your children's immediate 5 relatives, neighbours, friends and work colleagues.

A Senate District co-ordinator would have access to the calling tree of all our members in that district to initiate the contact required to our members to have their representative move our WFCF supported bills forward.

I'd like to volunteer to be a county and/or Senate District coordinator.

If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Separated Parents Helpline 

Let your voice be heard:
Are you unhappy about the way you were treated in your case or about current
laws?  Let your legislator know about it.  They are the ones who can change the
laws that the courts enforce.
Contact your legislator.

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