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Latest statistics on Child Placement outcomes in WI: (unfortunately this is only through 2010)

HUGE difference in placement orders between divorce and never married situations:

Divorced Fathers:

2010    50/50 placement (35%)  Sole placement (6%)   Primary  (2%)   Every other weekend  (15%)    NO placement (42%)

2008:     50/50 placement (30.5%)   Sole placement (7%)   Primary (2%),    Every other weekend (13%)    NO PLACEMENT (47%)    

1998:                50/50  (16%)                 Sole (8%)           Primary (1%)    Every other weekend (7%)       NO placement (64%)

1989                  50/50 (5%)                   Sole (9%)                                  Every other weekend(7%)        NO placement (76%)

Never Married Fathers: Voluntary Paternity (VPA)

2008:     50/50 placement  9%     Sole placement 1%   Primary 1%       Every other weekend 7%      NO PLACEMENT  81%

2000:              50/50  (3%)                     Sole (2%)          Primary (0.2%)  Every other weekend 3%)     NO placement (92%)

Childrens Placement Arrangements in Divorce and Paternity Cases in WI (2011)  :



2005 /(2013)/ 2017:

Equal Placement Draft Bill Released for Co-Sponsorship - View here

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Equal Placement Bill - View here

  Move Away Bill - View here


Equal Placement Bill - View here

  Child Support Bill - View here


PENDING:   Equal Placement Bill - View here

Current equal parenting bills across the US:  

Why Fathers Count?  An interview with, Dr. Wade Horn, a clinical child psychologist and President of the National Fatherhood Initiative.

Why two parents are important. Statistics demonstrating the adverse effect of single parent families.

Research on Fatherhood

Report on Gender Discrimination in the Wisconsin Family Court System


Child custody and placement
Information on child custody, placement, and enforcement including the new custody laws that went into effect on May 1, 2000.

Child Support 
Go here for information about child support issues.

Family Preservation Resources to promote public policies that preserves marriages.

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If you need help, contact the Wisconsin Fathers Helpline 

Let your voice be heard:
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